Procurement pooling

Achieve cost, time and resource savings throughpooling.

For more than 20 years we have been the specialists for successful procurement management in Switzerland. We establish strategic procurement partnerships and generate sustainable cost savings for our clients by pooling volumes in the indirect area.

With more than 100 framework agreements, we cover almost all commodity groups. By outsourcing contract negotiations for indirect products and services to INNOSourcing, our customers can focus on their individual core competencies and are thus considerably relieved.

Advantages for you

Cost reduction

  • Better conditions through pooling of procurement volumes within the network
  • Direct savings through integration in over 100 framework agreements
  • Additional savings through smart choice of the right supplier
  • Cross-company benchmarking

Saving on resources

  • Elimination of tenders / negotiations
  • Continuous review of terms & conditions, etc. by INNOSourcing

Time savings

  • Concentration on internal strategic projects
  • Fewer negotiations

Symposia / Events / Knowledge exchange

  • Annual (2x) symposia on interesting topics
  • Exchange of know-how between network members on various topics such as IT, logistics, travel, etc.

How it works

INNOSourcing coordinates cross-company strategies with its clients. INNOSourcing becomes the central hub between clients and suppliers. Depending on the commodity group, the focus is set on single, dual or multiple procurement strategies.
As a mandate partner, INNOSourcing represents its clients in projects and contract management against the suppliers. Operational procurement (flow of information, goods and values) remains in the hands of the clients.
The prerequisites for this partnership-based collaboration are trust, solidarity and the willingness to change.

Our services

  • Cross-company procurement bundling / pooling of volumes
  • Negotiating terms & conditions based on the pooled volumes
  • Establishing framework agreements (both nationally and internationally) with suppliers
  • Contract management (administration and review of the existing framework agreements)
  • Collecting and exchanging benchmark data
  • Active leadership and moderation of procurement networks
  • Organising and conducting workshops and network meetings (knowledge exchange)
  • Cross-company exchange of expertise and experiences
  • Individual, client-specific project management (solving of company-internal procurement tasks)


Hansruedi Blickenstorfer

Managing Director / Owner

Tel. +41 71 969 30 81

Some of our network members

Are you interested in a cooperation? We would be delighted to hear from you.

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