+ Procurement & Cost Management

(incl. Public Procurement Governance based on GATT/WTO)

+ Strategy consulting
+ Management consulting
+ On-site & off-site support in all procurement activities


In addition to demand pooling, we provide our clients with professional and individual support and advice as experts for all issues relating to the fields of procurement and cost management.


Guido Specker

Head of Operations / Project Management

Tel. +41 71 969 30 82


Product Group Management

We support you in the establishment and development of end-to-end and strategic approaches for specific commodity groups. They should be based on the company strategy and cover everything from demand, specifications, markets, supply chain and supplier relations. Within this process, both short-term and future measures are derived and continuously monitored.

Spend Analysis

o enable the analysis of external spending, the data must be available within a suitable structure – a simple list of creditors is rearly sufficient. We help you to process the external spending in suitable ways (data reconciliation to the level of commodity groups). Then the data can be analysed with regards to improvement potentials but also compliance with guidelines.

Procurement Management

We support you in the execution (or take over the entire process) of complex tenders – from the development of specifications to the negotiation of terms and conditions and the conclusion of contracts. This also under the requirements of public procurement law (GATT/WTO).


The ongoing comparison of products, services, processes, methods and organisations from a qualitative and/or quantitative perspective helps to identify the potential for improvements.
Thanks to our broad client base, we have an excellent overview of the market and can, if necessary, bring suitable companies together for a more in-depth exchange of ideas.

Supplier Management

The strategic part primarily addresses medium to long-term optimisation of the supplier base, above all to mitigate supply and dependency risk, as well as to improve supplier quality and reduce procurement costs. In the operational part, the main task is to optimise supplier services and to define the applicable optimisation potential.
In both areas, we can support you in developing a supplier management system that is tailored to your needs.

Procurement Intelligence

Data and information are key topics. The company’s internal data and the market information can help you to make the correct procurement decisions together with the business. We help you to develop and introduce procurement processes with appropriate KPIs and evaluating the supporting systems. Further we can set up and ensure the access to relevant market information. .


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